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How to Buy a WWPSA Recreational Uniform Kit

To order a WWPSA Uniform Kit (Cost of $50) for Youth Pre-K to 12th grade players, follow the instructions below. The uniform kits includes 1 green shirt, 1 white shirt, 1 shorts (pants), and 1 set of socks.

The kit does NOT include cleats, shin guards or balls. You can buy them at local sporting good and department stores. If you go to Dick's Sporting Goods to buy them you can use the WWPSA discount coupon. Click here to learn more about and print the discount coupons.

To Buy a Uniform Kit

  1. Click here to access the uniform kit page
  2. Click on the Continue bottom
  3. Enter your user name and password and click Continue to sign in 
  4. Your family information will be displayed with a button stating Edit or Eligible next to each person who is eligible to buy a uniform kit. If it states ineligible it means the person is not registered for recreational soccer. 
  5. Click on the Edit or Eligible button
  6. Review the players information and update the information as needed
  7. Click Submit to go to the next step
  8. Answer the question on the next screen so it reads Yes - I need to order a new uniform at a cost of $50 
  9. Answer the other questions regard size that are displayed. Note: You will be able to try on and select the appropriate uniform size when picking up your uniform. We ask for the size when ordering just to ensure we have enough quantities on hand.
  10. Click Submit to go to the payment screen.
  11. Click the Pay Now button to pay for your uniform kit - the cost is $50.

We will announce uniform pickup days via email and/or posting on http://www.wwpsa.org.

Questions: Email