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Sunbusrt Team Check-In


Option 1: Electronic Team Check-In

Accepted teams will have the option to check-in electronically. Electronic check is will be available until May 20, 2020. Teams that do not check in electronically will be required to do so in person on Friday, June 5, from 5:30pm-7:45pm in West Windsor, NJ (see below for in-person check-in instructions).


Instructions for electronic check-in:

  1. Scan the following documents (a-d), and place into ONE Adobe PDF file. Save this file with your age group/gender/team name (i.e., U11BCeltic or  U12GMadrid).
  1. Copy of current roster. Cross out the names of those not playing in tournament. Write in guest players at the bottom (maximum of three.) In total, small-sided rosters may include 14 players; full-sided rosters may include 18 players.
  2. Copy of each player pass, including guest players. Please have these in alphabetical order by player last name.
  3. Copy of each player medical release form, including guest players. Please have these in alphabetical order by player last name.
  4. If from outside of NJ: permission to travel form (if applicable--doesn’t apply to teams carded by US Club.)


  1. Attach this Adobe PDF to an email, and send to us at    In the subject line of the email, please write down "eCheckIn + Your age group/gender/team name" (i.e., "eCheckIn U11BCeltic" or "eCheckIn U12GMadrid"). 


  1. (Self-service Alternative to Step 2 above) Logon to your team's registration page on https://www.gotsoccer.com/. Under the "Documents" menu, use the "Team Document Upload" form to upload the scanned documents.  Once done, send us an email notice at   In the subject line of the email, please write down "eCheckIn + Your age group/gender/team name completed" (i.e., "eCheckIn U11BCeltic completed" or "eCheckIn U12GMadrid completed"). 


  1. Upon arrival at the tournament, pick up your yellow Sunburst Tournament roster from the Supervisor’s tent at least 45 minutes prior to your first game. If your first game is at Zaitz Park, your yellow roster will be waiting for you at the Supervisor’s tent at Zaitz Park (and so on.)


  1. Please have all of the above documents (a-d) available for review at the Sunburst Tournament. This is the same requirement for all teams, regardless of check-in method.


You will receive a confirmation email on or before Wednesday, June 3rd. If such a confirmation can’t be made (due to missing paperwork, multiple attachments, etc.), you will be required to check-in in person on Friday, June 5


Option 2: In-peron Team Check-In

When: Friday, June 5th from 5:30 to 7:45 PM

Where: West Windsor Senior Center, 271 Clarksville Road., Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

To view location in Google Maps, click here.


Registration Process:

  1. You must bring to registration:
    • A copy of your Official State Team Roster for us to keep
    • A Medical Release Form for each player (click here if you need a copy of this form. If you already have your own medical forms, those will be acceptable as well.)
    • Player Passes. Players on your tournament roster should all be carded by the same organization (i.e., U.S. Club, NJYS, etc.)
    • Permission to play out-of-state form (if applicable). 
  2. Each team will fill out a tournament roster card at registration. This card will be used for pre-game check-in and also to track red and yellow cards. If you filled out your roster when applying for the tournament, this information will be pre-printed and waiting for you at registration night. This will help expedite registration.
  3. Teams should have alternate colored jerseys (or pinnies) in case of conflicts with opposing teams. The HOME team is responsible for switching jerseys if there is a conflict.
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If you have any questions, please email Loi Moliga at   

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at Sunburst!