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Players and coaches that are displaying COVID-19 symptoms are prohibited from attending.

Players and coaches must complete a temperature check at home. Players/coaches > 100.4 F cannot attend

Players are to adhere to social distancing rules when not playing in the game.

It is mandatory for all players to wear a mask if not engaged in game or warm up.

It is mandatory for coaches to wear face coverings at all times during the training session or matches.

Do not share water bottles, food, etc.

Sanitize hands after leaving the field and between each game.





EFFECTIVE 11/23/20 WW Community Park, Zaitz Park, and Duck Pond Park ARE NOT OPEN TO SPECTATORS



Spectators will be separated to comply with social distancing.

Spectators are always required to wear face coverings when in any situation where social distancing is not an option.

Anyone displaying symptoms is prohibited from attending.

Restrictions on number of spectators will be in place for all games, 2 spectator per participant.

Spectators are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer.