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Rec Soccer Agreement Between Towns Visiting Other Locations

Facility Use Rules pertaining to Covid 19



The purpose of this document is to align on a set of guidelines that all towns participating in Rec Soccer Games hosting outside teams or visiting other locations will abide to.  Since COVID19 guidelines change over time as the virus level of transmission changes, the intent of this document is to provide an overarching agreement that all towns will follow New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS) guidelines in place on the date of the event.  NJYS follows guidelines given by the NJ Governors office as to when they move between the different phases of Soccer participation.  Current stance of COVID19 regulations can be found at https://www.njyouthsoccer.com/Default.aspx?tabid=889491.  As of July 6th 2020, NJYS has implemented Phase 4 regulations.

In the spirit of having an abundance of caution, games will continue to be played as long as NJYS remains in Phase 4 or higher which allows for players to practice / scrimmage and play games without the use of masks.  Please note, parents and spectators are still required to follow stat guidelines in place on social distancing (remaining 6 ft apart and wearing masks).  It is also good practice to minimize number of spectators to keep the transmission level as low as possible.  As stated in the NJYS guidelines, everyone should be wearing masks to every event as they walk from the car to the field.   Once at the field only players can remove masks once they begin warming up and participating.

During this period of COVID 19, Teams and parents of the players should all be on one side of the field with the Home team on one side and the Away team on the other.  This will help reduce possible transmission from town to town.  Players and Coaches should be at the center of the field and parents on either side of the team.  Players when not playing in the game should remain 6 ft apart while resting.

Some additional “house keeping” guidelines outside of NJYS guidelines that all towns will agree to is to be sure to properly dispose of garbage brought onto the complex including water bottles.  Since the virus can remain active on physical items for a number of hours, cleaning up others garbage would put a person at risk.  

If anyone feels these rules are not being followed, a parent should reach out to their club representative to share the concerns.  Club representatives will work through the issues.

By signing this agreement, I acknowledge as the town representative that I have shared these rules with all participating families and will abide by and enforce the guidelines.