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COVID-19 Code of Conduct


As a condition of my child's return to play and use of the WWPSA facilities:

  • I will abide by the plan requirements set forth by WWPSA governing safety and behavior prior to being allowed to participate or enter a facility whether it is a practice, competition, or camp.
  • I hereby agree and acknowledge that my participation, and that of my child, is completely voluntary and is not required or encouraged by WWPSA staff.
  • I agree to abide by the requirements to divide participants into smaller "stable sports groups" limiting group participation to 12 (not including coaches). These groups will be consistent and rostered as such.
  • I will not allow my child to participate in any activities if any member of my household has any of the following new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19: Cough - Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing - Chills - Repeated shaking with chills - Muscle pain - Headache – Sore throat - Loss of taste or smell - Diarrhea - Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit- Known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19. I further agree that if any member of my household experiences these symptoms, I will notify WWPSA president Ryan T. Barna (soccer@wwpsa.org).
  • I will not allow my child to return to sports participation if any individual in my household has diagnosed with COVID-19, until all three of the following criteria are met: i) at least 3 days (72 hours) have passed since recovery (resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications); (ii) the individual has improvement in symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and (iii) at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared; or in the case of an individual who has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and does not get evaluated by a medical professional or tested for COVID-19, the individual is assumed to have COVID-19, and the individual may not return until they have completed the same three-step criteria listed above; or if the individual has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and wants to return to work before completing the above self-isolation period, the individual must obtain a medical professional's note clearing the individual for return based on an alternative diagnosis.
  • I agree to, whenever possible, drop off kids and pick them up from practice while staying inside my vehicle. If I choose to stay and observe the practice, they may do so from pre-designated areas, while keeping proper distancing from athletes and other parents.
  • I agree to adhere to WWPSA's plan for drop off and pick up that adheres to social distancing guidelines including not allowing carpooling for unrelated participants from different households, designation of lanes or direction to enter and exit for drop off and pick up.
  • I agree to instruct my child on the club’s recommended guidelines for physical contact, which initially involve the prohibition of hugs, high-fives, etc.
  • I agree to ensure that my child has washed or sanitized their hands before entering the facility.
  • I agree to handle and care for their own equipment such as cleats, water bottles, pennies, soccer balls, etc. Staff or volunteers will not be allowed to handle.
  • I agree to abide by the rules put in place by WWPSA to regulate practice or drill times to control the number of youth participants at the facility at one time to ensure social distancing between stable groups.
  • I agree to use all due care to not arrive at the facility until the previous group has completely left the field on which practice is to take place.
  • I agree to follow any instruction from WWPSA staff regarding health and safety protocols, as they are amended from day to day.


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