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All teams from Grades 4 thru 12 will have the opportunity to schedule a practice night. Please email recpractices@wwpsa.org to reserve a practice field. Please note the following:

1. Practices nights are at Duck Pond Park and Conover Park on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Requests are handled first-come, first-served
2. Available timeslots are 4:30 - 6:00, 6:00 - 7:30, 7:30 - 9:00
3. You will be assigned a full-sized field. You may need to split the field with other teams. There will be small goals available on the fields.
4. Lighting
   a. Duck Pond Park: Lighting is automatic and will turn on at dusk and turn off at 9:45. You must vacate the fields before 9:45.
   b. Conover Park: You will be required to turn on and off the lights. There are two light panels: One between the two full size fields (the large rectangular box on the light pole), and one on the outside of the field next to South Post Road. Last coach leaving must turn off all the lights, and re-lock the panels (have a flashlight or phone with that function with you). Combination will be emailed out to coaches before the first practice. Lights should be turned on before dusk, so they have time to warm up. If you turn off the lights and immediately try to turn them back on, they will take about 20 minutes to come back on.
5. You may use any field on Zaitz for practice during daylight hours, as there are no lights at this park.  There is no need to contact us to schedule a field at Zaitz.

Please contact recpractices@wwpsa.org with any questions or issues.