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Thank you so much for your interest in coaching in the WWPSA Recreation League. Your coaching will
help the children in our community learn soccer and have fun while doing it. To ensure the safety of our
children, there are three federally required steps that need to be completed as outlined below:
  • Background Check
  • Concussion Training
  • SafeSport Abuse Prevention Certificate
Note: You will need to furnish your driver’s license number and social security number during this
process. Please feel free to email   with any questions.

1. Navigate to http://wwpsa.njyslive.com/
2. Click on Register Now under 2019-2020 NJYS Coach Carding / NJYS 2019-2020 Season - TRAVEL COACHES (this link will be used for recreation coaches as well)
3. On the sign-in page, either sign in or Create An Account if you don't have an account.
4. You can ignore anything that requires you to send coaching license. Read the concussion protocol and Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse
5. If prompted to Update or Keep Email, Keep Email and continue
6. Skip photo by clicking on Continue to Waivers. Complete each waiver, including the one that says 2019-2020 coaching license. This is saying that you have the required license to be a coach. Because you are a rec coach, no license is required, so you can acknowledge that.
7. Once you are registered, you can go back to your account page and click on the following links to complete your training:

8. Concussion Training Certification (30 mins)
I. Click on the Learn More button
II. Click on Start your Training
III. Click on Login- Register button
IV. Register for a new account if you don't have one, or use your email/password if you
already took this training 
V. Go back to the page where you clicked Start your training and click the Upload
Certificate button. Once you've uploaded the certificate, click the x in the upper right
of the small window.
VI. Go back to the My Member Account page and there should be a check mark next to the
Concussion Training Certification

9. Abuse Prevention Certificate (1-2 hours)
I. Click on Begin Training (a new page opens)
II. Copy the access code and click BEGIN SAFESPORT Training
III. Register for a new account if you haven't had the training yet (you do not need to
upload a photo)
IV. You will get an email. You must confirm your email address before proceeding
V. Click on Safe Sport Trained to start the training. You do not need to finish the training in
one setting. You may return to complete the training.
VI. Download the certificate for your records. The njyslive.com system should automatically
update your status for this course.

10. On My Member Account, you should see checkmarks next to Concussion Training Certification and Abuse Training Certificate. You will also see the status of your latest background check.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed all your training and background check!