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West Windsor - Plainsboro Soccer Association
Office of the Director of Youth Protection 

Club Risk Management & Safety 

Brian P Foley, FF/EMT
Risk Management Coordinator

Credentialed ImPACT Consultant (CIC)

The West Windsor - Soccer Association Risk Management program is in place to identify and assess potential risks for our soccer community and to then monitor and minimize the probability and/or impact those risks could pose. The Risk Management Program oversee's, develops and implements club policies as approved by the club Board of Directors. 

West Windsor-Plainsboro Soccer Association Inc, as a member of the New Jersey Youth Soccer Association, conducts background checks of all adult individuals serving the club in all programs in accordance with the KidSafe/Risk Management Background Check Policy available by clicking the link above.


West Windsor-Plainsboro Soccer Association Inc  recommends parents follow the Youngster Safety Check Recommendations and read MANAGING THE ULTIMATE RISK….. valuable information concerning the sexual exploitation of children published by US Youth Soccer based upon workshop presentation presented by Fran Sepler of Sepler & Associates. Click Managing the Ultimate Risk above to access the document.



  • Criminal record checks are important, but they are not enough to keep kids safe.
  • Criminal background checks offer a SECOND line of protection. This does not replace an observant parent.
  • Most sexual predators have no criminal history.
  • Offenders see opportunity where sports success is considered all-important.

No single check source guarantees the safety and well-being of our soccer youngsters. A protective eye is a must to ensure the safety of our youngsters. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in Alexandria has recommendations that will help WWPSA members prevent sexual exploitation of our youngsters. Following are those recommendations adapted to soccer.


  • Know where our youngsters are when they are participating in our soccer activities.
  • Be sensitive to changes in a youngster’s behavior; they are a signal that you should talk about what caused the changes.
  • Be alert to a teenager or adult who is paying an unusual amount of attention to a youngster or giving them inappropriate or expensive gifts.
  • Teach our youngsters to trust their own feelings and assure them that they have the right to say no to what they sense is wrong.
  • Listen carefully to our youngsters’ fears and be supportive in all your discussions with them.
  • Teach youngsters that no one should approach them or touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. If someone does, they should tell their parents immediately.
  • Be careful about babysitters and other individuals who have custody of our youngsters.
  • A coach or other adult should never be alone with a youngster.
  • There should always be other people present to see what the adult and youngster are doing.
  • Never leave a youngster alone after a game or practice or other activity.

    The WWPSA Risk Management Program includes the following programs to ensure safety of all persons apart of the club. 
    1. Emergency Action Plan
    2. KidSafe Program 
    3. Concussion Safety 
    4. First Aid, CPR & AED Courses
    5. Annual Coach Safety Training

    The West Windsor - Plainsboro Soccer Association Emergency Action Plan provides an overview of the club action plan outlining what to do in an emergency situation. 

    KidSafe Program is designed to protect the youth players, by requiring back ground checks for all volunteers and staff members. Please see the KidSafe Program page for more specific information. 

    Concussion Safety is the the club program to recognize and prevent concussions. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury and shall be treated as a potentially life threatening emergency. If a concussion is suspected, the concussion policies shall be followed. 

    First Aid, CPR & AED Courses are offered upon request by a team, coach or club volunteer. 

    Annual Coach Safety Training is a new initiative to provide information, resources and a standardized training to all coaches and team administrators. Training will be announced in January 2017. 

    Safety begins with Teamwork and SAFETY will be a club wide initiative in 2017. 

    The Director of Youth Protection serves as the clubs contact person for all safety related events and emergencies. The Director of Youth Protection is also the the Clubs Risk Management Coordinator and Representative to New Jersey Youth Soccer.

    If you have any questions please contact the Director of Youth Protection via email at youth.protection@wwpsa.org

    For immediate safety reporting concerns, please call the Safety Hotline: 609-251-4350 and or email safety@wwpsa.org

    Thank you for a safe 2017 season!

    Brian Foley, CIC| Risk Management Coordinator
    Director of Youth Protection & Sportsmanship, Board of Directors.
    Sunburst Invitational Soccer Tournament Deputy Director
    Email- youth.protection@wwpsa.org