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Goalkeeper Training Program


The purpose of the goalkeeper training program is to establish players foundation for basic and fundamental technical and tactical skills for the game in the goalkeeping position on-field. Our goal is to help each goalkeeper along his / her individual development pathway toward achieving their peak performance and meeting their maximum potential. 


Goalkeeping is a highly-specialized position and requires a unique skill-set, mindset and personality. Though we focus on the same four corners of development (technical, tactical, physical and mental) there are specialized functions we need to develop in match scenarios to help players deal with decision-making and problem-solving under high pressures. Part of a functional training environment is being integrated into team training environments which will assist in developing strong tendencies, habits and overall team cohesiveness.


Including but not limited to the following curriculum details: 

  • Footwork
  • Set position
  • Ball handling
  • Diving
  • Crosses
  • Distribution
  • Decision-making
  • Command of the penalty area
  • Communication
  • 1v1 
  • Reaction Time



GK sessions are included in WWPSA travel and Surf  Mercer travel program cost.  

All sessions take place at Duck Pond Park.

Program is 8 weeks and runs from Monday, April 3 2023 - Tuesday, May 23 2023

2015- 2012 Boys & Girls Monday & Tuesday, 6:00pm - 6:45pm
2011 - 2007 Boys & Girls Monday & Tuesday, 7:00pm - 8:00pm