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Volunteer Background Check (NJYS KidSafe) Policy

KidSafe Procedures

As an affiliate of New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS), WWPSA is required to participate in the NJYS KidSafe program. This program requires that WWPSA obtain relevant background information from all:

  • Volunteer coaches
  • Assistant coaches
  • Substitute coaches
  • Trainers
  • Team Managers
  • And any other adult who can expect to be alone with any registered player for any length of time (not to confused with parental responsibilities affecting a parent’s own child).

This information is reviewed by the KidSafe Coordinator and is kept for four years after the seasonal year for which the form was completed. The WWPSA KidSafe Coordinator is responsible for safeguarding and reviewing this information and uses it to file an annual certification of compliance with NJYS. If you would like to learn more about the KidSafe program, click here to visit the NJYS website. 

Please do not fill out a KidSafe application if you are volunteering for volunteer activities not specifically noted above. In other words, ONLY fill out an application if your volunteer position appears above.

In addition to the background information required by the KidSafe program, WWPSA requires that all volunteers whose position appears above submit to criminal background checks through the National Center for Safety Initiatives ("NCSI"). WWPSA has no control and never has possession of the information you will need to submit directly via NCSI’s website. PLEASE BE SURE TO USE YOUR LEGAL NAME AND NOT YOUR COMMON NAME TO AVOID DUPLICATE SUBMISSIONS THAT WILL RESULT IN UNNECESSARY EXPENSES TO THE CLUB. Click here for instructions to submit your personal information to NCSI for a background check.

All those filling a role described above must complete both the KidSafe questionnaire during registration and a background check through NCSI no later than 7 days after they have assumed their respective roles. If you are not volunteering for one of these positions, click "I Disagree" during registration.

Meeting one of the prescribed criteria within the 10 years preceding the background check date will warrant immediate exclusion from participation in any volunteer or paid activity with children. Click here to review the prohibited criteria.

Due to the timing of when background checks are returned, any volunteer or paid assistant or trainer associated with a team function may perform their assigned roles with their teams until the background checks are returned to WWPSA. In the event that the background check results in a "red flag", the WWPSA has the right to immediately remove the person from their assigned role. 

In the event that, subsequent to meeting the requirements of a KidSafe background check, a person filling one of the roles described above is arrested for a crime that, if convicted, would result in a violation of the WWPSA KidSafe Policy, that person is immediately suspended and prohibited from participating, in the capacity of their above-described role, in any activity involving WWPSA players pending disposition of the matter. If the disposition results in an outcome that would permit the person to pass the requirements of this policy, that person is permitted to contact the Club or its representatives and may request permission to resume their previous duties.

"Two Adult" Procedures

WWPSA requires that there are at least two adults present at all practices and games and any other WWPSA-related activity involving our youth players.  Please note:

  • One of the two adults may be a paid professional trainer. 
  • Both adults must be connected to the team / group activity. For example, two trainers at the same field each coaching separate teams, do not constitute two adults for this purpose.
  • In the event that there are not 2 adults present, the practice / game/ activity may not commence and, if necessary, parents should be contacted to collect their player(s) from the activity.

These requirements have been established to protect our players and the adults who work with them.  In the event that you become aware of an instance where this policy is not being applied, please contact our president at .

These policies intend to protect the children and all others participating in WWPSA programs. We appreciate your compliance with our policies, and hope that you agree they are in the best interests of the entire association. Thank you for your cooperation and compliance with these policies.