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WWPSA offers teenagers (12 to 18 year olds in 7th - 12th grades) the opportunity to serve as Big Brothers and Sisters. Big Brothers and Sisters help teach the younger players how to play soccer and assist adult coaches on Saturday mornings and weekday evenings. Big Brothers and Sisters can either:

  • Volunteer and receive a letter documenting the hours volunteered. If you want you can also use your volunteer hours to earn the President's Volunteer Service Award. See below for more details.  Big Brothers and Big Sisters must be 14 to be paid, if you are 12 or 13 you cannot choose to be paid and must volunteer.
  • Be paid at a rate of $10 per hour. Payments for each season (Fall or Spring) is made 2 to 3 weeks after the season ends.



When registering as a Big Brother / Sister we need your parents and your contact information so we have their contact information in case of an emergency. Please make sure you enter the correct information on each page.

If you played soccer, was a Big Brother / Sister or did another WWPSA program you are already in the system and will just need your parents to log in to register you for the Big Brother / Sister program. Please do not create a new account to register.

Please click here to register to serve as a Big Brother / Sister.

President's Volunteer Service Award

To use your volunteer hours to earn the President's Volunteer Service Award you need to go to https://www.presidentialserviceawards.gov/register-vo to register. 

After creating an account go to your Profile and under the Record of Service Key heading (at the bottom of the page) click Add and then add the service key LLZ-63771 to be associated with WWPSA. 

You then click on My Service to add hours. After the page loads click on Add Activity to add your hours. Make sure you use the following information when entering it:
Service Activity = Big Brother / Sister
Benefiting Organization = West Windsor Plainsboro Soccer Association
Specific area of Service = Other
Date of Service = date you did the work
Hours Conducted = number of hours you served.

After you enter your hours. Email finance@wwpsa.org to let us know so we can go in and certify the hours.