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Q: Who can play in the Sunburst tournament?
A: There are divisions for both boys and girls, U8-U18.
                U8-U12: small-sided
                U13-U18: full-sided
Q: When is the tournament?
A: June 6th and 7th. Teams can check in electronically and check-in in person the day before the tournament.

Q: Saturday, June 6th is a SAT testing day, can I request a later game time?
A: To accommodate players taking the SAT, U15-U18 games will be scheduled after 2pm on Saturday, June 6.

Q: What are the registration fees for the tournament? Are multi-team discounts available?     

Multi-team discounts are available as below

  • $25 Off for Clubs registering 5-9 teams (per team)
  • $50 Off for Clubs registering 10+ teams (per team)

Early Bird Discounts (NEW) are available IN ADDITION to Multi-team discounts (payment must be received by the indicated date)

  • Early Early Bird: $50 Off by Feb 1, 2020
  • Early Bird: $25 Off by April 1, 2020

Final Price---Registration CLOSES May 1, 2020 or earlier, if sold out

  • U8-U10: $525
  • U11 and up: $625

Q: If we register multiple teams, how exactly will the discount be applied?     
A: Teams will initially pay the full registration fee. Following the tournament, the discounted amount will be refunded.
Q: What is the cut-off date for registration?
A: May 1st. Teams will not be accepted on gotsoccer until payment is received. No on-site registrations.
Q: Where are the game fields located?
A: All fields are located in West Windsor, NJ. The possible sites are: Mercer County Park, Duck Pond Park, West Windsor Community Park, Conover Park, and Zaitz Park. Directions will be made available on this website under the "Directions" tab, once locations are finalized.

Q: What is the duration of the games?
A: Small-sided (7v7 & 9v9) games consist of two 25 minute halves. Full-sided (11v11) games consist of two 30 minute halves.
Q: How are points accumulated in the tournament?
A:  Teams will be awarded points on the following basis:

  1. Six points for a win.
  2. Three points for a tie.
  3. One point for a loss.
  4. One point deducted for exceeding the maximum goal differential of 6 goals. Example: a win by 7-0 would result in only 5 points to the winner: 6 points for the win, minus 1 point for exceeding the maximum goal differential.
  5. One point for a shutout.
  6. One point deducted per red card.

Q: What will happen if our team is late to a game?
A: There is a ten minute grace period from the scheduled kick-off. The game is forfeited if the team doesn’t report within this ten minute period. A forfeit yields a 3-0 score for point consideration (no shut-out points awarded.) To start a game, a minimum of five players is needed for small-sided teams, and a minimum of seven players is needed for full-sided teams.

Q: How should our team register guest players?
A: You should try to add the guest players into Gotsoccer roster first. Here are the instructions from Gotsoccer:

  2. Add guest player from different club:

As the last resourt, we will add them to your roster on site at team check-in. Please bring the medical forms and cards for your guest players. The guest players must be carded by the same organization (i.e., NJYS, U.S. Club Soccer, etc.) as the team they are joining for the tournament.