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Introductions (Updated to include new team members)

Hi Parents and Players,

My name is Lorcan Hancock and I will be coaching the Grade 5 and 6 WWPSA team 3, AC Milan, for the fall season. I'm very excited to coach the team. I've been playing soccer for more than 30 years and it will be my second time coaching as I previously coached my daughters under 6s team. I really hope there's a lot more listening from the players this time around as under 6s coaching was more like herding cats! :)

As you are likely aware we will play our games on Saturdays. Our first game is scheduled to take place at home (Zaitz Field) on September 11th at 11am. Please note, this is a change from the originally shared time. The first two weeks schedule is available to view by accessing the Central New Jersey inter-town Rex soccer site at https://cjitrs.leaguerepublic.com/index.html. Please note, the schedule is subject to change so I will provide a weekly update.

We will have the opportunity to have a practice session before our first game. We will train on a Thursday evening from 6:30 to 8pm at West Windsor Community Park. The first session will be on September 9th and I ask that you turn up 15 minutes early so that I can meet the players in advance of the session. I look forward to meeting everyone there and introducing myself to the team. One final piece of administration, most youth teams have two soccer coaches. Unfortunately I am the only coach for the team so far. I would greatly appreciate it if another parent was available to coach with me. This will ensure that in case of a personal emergency or other commitments that training and matches can proceed. If you would like to coach you can sign up by registering on the WWPSA site. If you do please let me know so that I can inform the administrator so that they can expedite your registration.

Now to the fun stuff. My goal for the Fall session is that all of the kids have fun while developing their soccer skills. At their age it does not matter if they win or lose although it is always nice to win! However, I want them to win because they develop as players and as a team. My goal is that every player will improve, I will not just focus on the more advanced players. On that basis I will attempt to give all of the players equal playing time, coaching time and encouragement. I expect that each of you will bring a positive and encouraging attitude to every game. If not, I will speak with you about it as there are very strict rules focused on supporting and encouraging all of the kids.

If you want to contact me you can do so at 908-801-4777. If there is interest I will be happy to set up a WhatsApp group so that you do not need to monitor your emails. I'm really looking forward to meeting you and the children at WW Community Park on September 9th at 6:15pm.

Lorcan Hancock

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Game on Saturday September 11th
by posted 09/10/2021

Hi Parents,

As a reminder, our first game will take place tomorrow at 11am at Zaitz Field. Please ensure that your children arrive at the field at the latest by 10:30am. I will be there from 10:15am. This will give the kids time to get warmed up and I'd also like to discuss with them what positions they will be playing.

They should bring both jerseys, socks, shorts, shinguards, boots and a bottle of water. We had 9 kids at training last night but I hope that all 12 kids will be able to make the game tomorrow. We will be rotating the kids in goal every 15 minutes so all kids will hae a turn in goal over the season.

One final reminder, I have set up a WhatsApp page for the team parents and added those that reached out to me this morning. If you want to be added to the group or you have indicated that you want to be added but did not receive a message in the past 30 minutes on WhatsApp then please message me at 908-801-4777 confirming that you want to be added and also providing yours and your child's name. If you do not want to be included then that's no problem because I will continue to send messages using the WWPSA site.

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

Kind Regards,


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