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by posted 11/23/2022



Hello Team Parents,


We wanted to send a quick note to wrap up the G56 Fall soccer season.  Below are my thoughts:


            •   A big congrats again to the girls for a fantastic season.  They ended the season with a 9-1 record, scoring 37 goals and giving up only 3 goals.  And, they ended the year with the championship trophy!


            •   They started the season strong and ended it even stronger.  They were consistent throughout the season, showing strength on all phases of the game (defense, midfield, and striking).


            •   It was a total team effort.  With 8 returning players and 8 new players on the team, the girls quickly embraced teamwork and gelled with one another.  It was great to see them integrate and support one another.


            •   Hopefully, everyone will come back in the Spring for a chance to repeat.  Between now and then, we encourage you all to keep them active during the winter.  Each of them has the talent and potential to do even better, and it would be wonderful to see them continue to build off this season. 


            •   If you are interested in soccer programs for the winter, I encourage you all to take a look at Princeton Soccer Academy (PSA).  They offer winter clinics, and more information, including registration, can be found here:  https://princetonsa.wpengine.com/programs/psa-princeton/.  If you do decide to sign up, I would recommend that most sign up for the “Soccer Performance Training”.  There are sessions specializing in “Total Defending”, “Saturday Strikes” or “Elite Feet”, and “Super Saves” that you may consider, depending on your kid’s experience.  I’m more than happy to make suggestions for your kid as I kept notes on each player – strength and development areas, which I’m happy to share if you email me directly.    


Below you will find the coaches’ contact details should you want to reach any of us.  Until next time, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season.



Coach Nam

, (703) 475-6553

Coach Chris

, (917) 747-2039

Coach Uyen

, (703) 989-9009

Coach Holly

, (917) 747-2039

Coach Terri

, (856) 332-1367

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